Holy Innocents: Are they responsible for their situation?

diciembre 28, 2013 § 2 comentarios


It was not God, who created the death. He doesn’t take pleasure by the destruction of living beings (Si 1, 13-14)

12/28/2003. The Catholic Church dedicates this day to the Memory of all the innocents of the Wold, specially the little children, the children that will be aborted for many causes -that, specially in the countries of our comfortable 1st World, but also in Africa or Asia, are not ever aborted under “tragic cases”-,  and the most vulnerable people, reminding the massive killing ordered by Herodes in the time when Jesus born. Twenty one centuries before, the situation and the presence of the evil inflicted by humans to other innocent humans seem to be the same, or worse. ¿How many time must we wait until the people who have the real power will decide to take effective measures -which should involve many sectors of the society, from direct investmens in the 3rd World in education in peace, human rights, respect, social and sexual rights, to the implementation of peacekeeping operations under the oversight of UN, including the rightful use of force- in order to combat the injustices perpetrated against the most vulnerable people of the World?  I want this image not to comment. Its is just enough. Suficiente. Satis.

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§ 2 respuestas a Holy Innocents: Are they responsible for their situation?

  • pabloguerez dice:

    Sin comentarios. Ante estas situaciones, y tras haber echo un turno de vigilia en la Noche de los Santos Inocentes, sólo se me ocurre poner en la boca de cualquiera de estos niños, o de personas con enfermedades graves que las conducirán irremediablemente a su muerte, las siguientes palabras del Libro de Job, 10, 20-22, refiriéndose a un Dios que le creó y que ahora parece haberle abandonado: “¿Por qué me sacaste del vientre? Habría muerto sin que nadie lo advirtiese. Sería como si no hubiese existido, conducido del vientre a la tumba. ¡Qué breves los días de mi vida! Aléjate de mí, déjame gozar un poco antes de que marche, y ya no vuelva, al país de las tinieblas y de sombras, al país oscuro y en desorden, donde la claridad parece sombra.

    Me gusta

  • pabloguerez dice:

    About victims, and by the way, I intend with this comment to focus on the inmigrants. In this sense, I want to join myself to all the voices -included the authorized voice of the Pope Francesco- that, during the last month, have protested about the inhumanity of the regulation of EU See Laws, that just have let die, one more, the inmigrants boarded on a weak ship, near the cost of Lampedusa (Italy). “It is a shame” -has the Pope said- “to die in this way”. After that the Holy Father has encouraged all the EU countries to implement the measures in order to avoid such “incidents” forever, as well as reminding them their moral and social obligation to consider a most equal distribution of wealth.

    Let me recommend two little papers related to this subject. The first is an article appeared in the renowned italian newspaper “L’ Unità”, written in Italian language. You can find it in http://www.unita.it/immigrazione/schulz-dal-papa-una-vergogna-br-lasciar-morire-come-a-lampedusa-1.526672.

    The second is an open letter written in Spanish by Matilde Tricarico regarding the “incident” of Lampedusa, in a literary contest. I let you here the link, with the permission of the writer. This permission, of course, doesn’ t enable to copy, reproduce, or share the content without another specific permission. If you are interested in obtaining more permissions about the text, yo can refer your interest directly to my mail pablo.guerez@uam.es, or pablo.guerez@gmail.com.

    You can find the text in http://www.clubdeescritura.com/convocatoria/ver/micropostal/2296. To access to the complete content many registration forms can be applied.

    With my best regards,


    Me gusta


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