Is a social, democratic and humanist Europe possible?

mayo 27, 2014 § Deja un comentario

Is a social, democratic and humanist Europe possible?

In this European Elections, unfortunately, the European skepticism has favored in a worrying percentage electoral options represented by extreme right political parties. But beyond this political scene we can read a general disappointment of an important sector of the most disappointed and economical disadvataged people, who is based in the faiulre of the neoliberal politics promoted by the Troika and the non democratic UE institutions as CBE, in a context of cultural hegemony of the Economy as a “super-science”, or a new religion, which is asked by many important people and mass media to solve all the problems of the people. People is too tired, on one hand, of the impotence of the traditional sociademocratic parties to face up a situation that is not more able to warrant social and personal rights, and, on the other hand, of the orthodoxy of the popular and conservative parties and the speech of austerity and social cuts. In this situation, the Link’ s options which can keep a creditable and genuine speech according to the demands of the European citizenship of our times seem to be absent from the media and from any possibility of change the direction of the European politic towards countercyclical and keynesians politics that can be a central meeting point in the agenda of parties proceeding of the traditions of equalitarian liberalism, genuine socialdemocracy, plural link, political ecologism and other small amateurs parties. Personally, if it would possible, I would like to have Mr. Tsipras for President of the EU Commission, even if this organism will still have any real power until a deeply reform of the EU Treaties will be implemented. Not only Greek people, but all the European normal citizenship who has suffered and experimented the consequences of the politics based  in the compulsory “austerity”, wihich unresponsible financial deliverances, deserve a better future, which is only possible with a radical change of the EU politics. 

Signed by: Pablo Guérez Tricarico, PhD, Spain




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