A few words about the last Senate’s CIA torture report in the US

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Dedicated to Professors Carmen Almendros, PhD; Raquel Benito, LLM; Carlos Ezama, PhBch; Liborio Hierro, PhD; Juan Antonio Lascuraín, Phd; Blanca Mendoza, PhD; Fernando Molina, Phd; Enrique Peñaranda, PhD; Evaristo Prieto, PhD; Carmen Tomás-Valiente, PhD, and many other Masters, that teached me the reasons why the torture never must be justified.

To all men and women of goodwill, included a few workers of Intelligence Agencies



Official reactions: http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2014/dec/09/americas-politicians-activists-reacted-senates-cia-torture-report-twitter

Link to my comment on theguardian.com (it reproduces this post): http://discussion.theguardian.com/comment-permalink/44785592

Document in pdf (for discharge see below the conditions of the CC License) About US Senate’s CIA Torture Report




Dear Srs. responsible of tortures at your respective level of command, civil and militar authorities:

Only your conscience knows or will know what you have done or permitted, even with good intentions. This is just my brief and humble opinion on the state of the question, just published yesterday on https://www.facebook.com/pablo.guerez?fref=nf&pnref=story.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, justifies torture aginst any human been inflicted by the State, and less in a democratic Nation.

Premature Nobel Peace Prize Barack Obama must take his responsibility, even objectively or by omission, before their national courts and the international community.

Some people will think I am an “idealist”, or an “antiamerican”, just for express my opinion in a several matter, according to the 1st Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America.

I do not care. I prefer to be the subject of accusations of the new McCarthyism based in the Patriot Acts post 9/11 than be the subject of accusation of support of the torture as a normal State mechanism, or supporter of the omission of his complaint. So no war against ISIS, no war against domestic or external enemies, no menace, is to important four your Nation, and for the community of democratic Nations, to loose the faith in the human rights and human dignity.

Only for this reason, President Obama, President of the United States, you have me deeply disappointed not only me, but a huge part of your American voters and supporters all over the world. Not only because I trusted you as US President, but because I know the world when I live and I konw you are formally the most powerful man on the earth.

Fortunately, in a democratic Nation like the United States, these things sooner or later come to be known. And even judged. No one is privileged regarding these crimes as in the twentieth century. No one, I repeat, no one, can claim the right to torture anyone as a State reppresentant. Even, as indicated, among others, Prof. Fernando Molina, Phd, Autonomous University of Madrid, in tragic cases like “nuclear ticking bomb” scenes (cfr. Molina, Estado de Necesidad y Justificación Penal: ¿es lícita la tortura en situaciones extremas?: 2009). The UN Convention against Torture, which in the opinion of many internationalists, is about to be considered “ius cogens”, is clear at this point. In Spain, our Constitution is sharp in the case of torture, as established in art. 15: “In no case be justified torture”.

With best regards,

Singned by: Pablo Guérez Tricarico, Phd, Spain

Ex Professor of Criminal Law of the Autonomous Univeristy of Madrid

Member of the “think tank” Institut of Forensic and Security Sciences of the Autonomous University of Madrid (ICSA-UAM).


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