About the mediation of pope Francis between the USA and Cuba

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Quod Deus coniunxit, homo non separet iterum

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The work of diplomatic mediation of Pope Francis, a pope with a new spirit, between the United States and Cuba is a political accomplished that we should not hesitate to describe as historic. Entrenched relations between the two powers from the conflict in the missile crisis in 1962 and the work carried out by two singular men, JF Kennedy and N. Khrushchev, who accepted the historical commitment not to plunge mankind into disaster the reopening of negotiations between the two countries has now needed work and the blessing of a personality political stature of the above. That is the Pope Francis.

The embargo only hurt the poorest and, generally, are not effective measures to “encourage” the local population to rebel against their dictators, but are the result of geopolitical strategies dictated by the most powerful nations in the world, and lobbies that support them. Only the most conservative GOP or more recalcitrant anti-Castro sectors, sectors that members of sociological Franchism in our country who are active in the economic party that supports the government are targeted, can not rejoice at the lifting of the embargo.

Shy openings West to Cuba by Pope that sank the Soviet bloc, Saint John Paul II, made their impact on the meeting that had both leaders in 1998. In the religious aspect, the fruits were noted in further opening of the Castro regime to the Cuban religious reality. And in the political speeches of both leaders reflected the harsh condemnation of fierce capitalism that encouraged them to both signatories, while also warned of the dangers of unbridled development of the capitalist system, and, as events have shown, has come to prevail during the early years of the century.

Above ideologies, especially now, in XXI century, people and their attitudes are. And regardless of ideology, there is no doubt that the pope Francisco itself is to rise to the occasion. High above Obama and, of course, Raul Castro.

So congratulations, Holy Father. God bless you. And God bless the Holy See, the United States of America and the Nation of Cuba.

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