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Under a state that imprisons unjustly, the place of the just man is also a prison (“Resistance to Civil Government [Civil Disobedience]”),Henry David Thoreau, 1849)

CENSORSHIP. European institutions: Conference for Security and Cooperation in Europe. Council of Europe. European Court of Human Rights. From midnight tonight has introduced censorship in the Spanish State. Reason: LO 1/2015, amending the Penal Code, especially articles 510 and following, and LO / 4/2015, Public Safety, also known as #LeyMordaza. Public servants serving as high European institutions: from this humble blog we ask you to do everything necessary to protect the right to freedom of expression and press freedom, threatened by the excessive expansion of “hate crimes” as crimes of expression that are disproportionate and unnecessary in a democratic society, settled law of the European Court of Human Rights.Thank you very much for your attention.


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Actualmente estás leyendo CENSURA EN LA RED/CENSORHIP IN THE NET en Victimología social, "blaming the victim", teoría social, religión, Derecho y crítica legislativa.


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