9/11. Seeking the truth after 14 years, at the edge of Ockham’s razor. Please read WARNING below!

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WARNING: Reading and diffusion of this post can increase levels of user tracking by some Intelligence agencies

To he victims of 9/11, American and non-American citizens; simply lives of innocent human beings cut short by either geopolitics, IN MEMORIAM

Quod est veritas? (Pilatus to Jesus, John, 18:38, ca. 90 A. D.) 

When two or more explanations are offered for a phenomenon, the simplest explanation is preferably complete; ie entities should not be multiplied unnecessarily (Ockham, ca. 1280-1349 A. D.)

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances” (US Constitution, First Amendment, 1787 A. D., “de facto” repealed by the unconstitutional Patriot Act of 9/26/2001 A. D.)

“¿La verdad? Puede que no la soportaras” (Alejandro Amenábar, original screenplay for the the picture, “Abre los ojos”, directed by Alejandro Amenábar, Spain, 1997 A. D.) 


Much has been written, never enough, on pain of innocents who perished in this criminal act. I will not add anything about the pain. Much has been written, from different ideological positions on the responsibility for the attacks, with more or less rigor. It is at this point, to fourteen years away, which I would write something. What follows are only intuitions, but I really felt. In honor of the victims of geopolitics. In a cry of a lonely man with nothing who has nothing to lose, and remember that terrible day, without evidences of more responsibles that maybe should be searched “at home”, close to the US’ stablishment represented by institutions so opaque and for which a good part of the American people have as much distrust as the NSA or the CIA. 

  Of that fatal day I remember people jumping out of windows, the World Trade Center collapsing in a few hours, chaos taking over New York, Bruce Springsteen’ s song My city in ruins” But have told not want to write a sentimentalist post.

14 years afer 9/11, too much things remain unclear. May be my best tribute to the victims and to the truth that one day we will know, Susan Sontag‘s article which I reproduce below, written just two weeks after 9/11. A very interesting reflection on the use of force and its ability to face the new enemy” appeared on the scene that terrible day. Nowadays, to hold the opinion that writing about 9/11 to 14 years away is not something actual, I will say that, in my humble opinion, with the attack on the World Trade Center began in earnest the XXI century, after a transitional period that began with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the self-annihilation of the only power, with all its faults, that was a real counterweight to the expansion plans of US imperialism: the Soviet Union. Do not forget that Bin Laden was trained by the self-proclaimed “free world” in their struggle against the USSR. In my country -but I think this is a universal aphorism- people use to say: Who sows winds will reap whirlwinds“.

Due to my research vocation, academic rigor and forms in my professional activity have always warned me to the “conspiracy theories” not proven, following the known formulation of the principle of parsimony of Ockham’s razor, according to which in equal conditions, the simplest theory explaining a sector of reality is often true. However, when the rigorous analysis of the data points in one direction traditionally regarded as unusual, not only unreasonable, but required for a true researcher or “seeker of truth”, meet other explanations that lead to open the door to other realities can turn into a “must”. Turning to social analysis, and very briefly, the aim of the social majority, through the pernicious institution of private property as such has become transformed in the stage of post-Fordist global capitalism, has lead to an abuse of the property and its use by the big corporations, that have extended a neoliberal way of mind which consists in a huge irresponsibility towards the use of natural resources and the fair distribution and redistribution of resources and wealth among all the inhabitants of the planet. As the Pope recently has remeber, the First World continue to consume resources at a price that does not reflect their real value and that eventually run dry.

Despite the lack of evidence, I have the intuition that the Federal Government, or its Agencies of Intelligence, are in some way interested in weaken Europe and create alarm to impose its “new world order” that passes through the control and, finally, by the indoctrination of the entire population. Hopefully I’m wrong, but the opposite view which explains the attacks on New York / Washington, Madrid, London, Paris, attacks of “Charlie Hebdo” in February this year in Belgium, the many successive attacks of possible “false flag” may reach the status of a consistent explanation of the US’ s geopolitics since 9/11. You cannot stand in the creation of a phantom enemy as operating that can oppose the US Intelligence without the help of a section of the West. Anyway, against Islamic fanaticism cannot fight putting more Police in front of key objectives of unfair capitalism, represented, for example, in my country, by “Zara” or “El Corte Ingles”, much less equipping the police with assault rifles G-36 German made, but by analyzing the causes of the crisis unleashed, conspicuously, by the effects of Islamic fundamentalism and adopting a policy of alliance of civilizations “real”, involving face one of the biggest causes of conflicts that are on the based fundamentalist attitudes of their unscrupulous leaders exploit: the extreme poverty in which the West has condemned most former colonial societies and the stranglehold of opaque Bretton Woods institutions, under whose protection is set prices of raw materials, war (declared no longer, but simply being waged) are made, and the pretexts that the West needs to keep its decadent “civilization”, walking quickly towards barbarism may be invented. Dialectics of Enlightenment totalitarian now meets and freedom on behalf of which the West wanted to exorcise their myths ends up giving in to the administered society, “civilization of security”, as will predict in the forties Horkheimer and Adorno one of the last books of “strong thought” and therefore defense of modernity, precisely titled “Dialectic of Enlightenment”. Against this, I maintain that only humanism, be it secular or religious (and both never fanatic cases), and attention to the dignity of the person as the center of social and economic system can save the West of a disaster which so laboriously have gained and, incidentally, the whole world may be saved. 

From Pablo Guérez, PhD

Doctor of Juridical Science

Ex Professor of Criminal Law at the Autonomous University of Madrid

Member of the Institute of Forensic Sciences and Security ICFS-UAM, Madrid


The disconnect between last Tuesday’s monstrous dose of reality and the self-righteous drivel and outright deceptions being peddled by public figures and TV commentators is startling, depressing. The voices licensed to follow the event seem to have joined together in a campaign to infantilize the public. Where is the acknowledgment that this was not a “cowardly” attack on “civilization” or “liberty” or “humanity” or “the free world” but an attack on the world’s self-proclaimed superpower, undertaken as a consequence of specific American alliances and actions? How many citizens are aware of the ongoing American bombing of Iraq? And if the word “cowardly” is to be used, it might be more aptly applied to those who kill from beyond the range of retaliation, high in the sky, than to those willing to die themselves in order to kill others. In the matter of courage (a morally neutral virtue): whatever may be said of the perpetrators of Tuesday’s slaughter, they were not cowards.

Our leaders are bent on convincing us that everything is O.K. America is not afraid. Our spirit is unbroken, although this was a day that will live in infamy and America is now at war. But everything is not O.K. And this was not Pearl Harbor. We have a robotic President who assures us that America still stands tall. A wide spectrum of public figures, in and out of office, who are strongly opposed to the policies being pursued abroad by this Administration apparently feel free to say nothing more than that they stand united behind President Bush. A lot of thinking needs to be done, and perhaps is being done in Washington and elsewhere, about the ineptitude of American intelligence and counter-intelligence, about options available to American foreign policy, particularly in the Middle East, and about what constitutes a smart program of military defense. But the public is not being asked to bear much of the burden of reality. The unanimously applauded, self-congratulatory bromides of a Soviet Party Congress seemed contemptible. The unanimity of the sanctimonious, reality-concealing rhetoric spouted by American officials and media commentators in recent days seems, well, unworthy of a mature democracy.

Those in public office have let us know that they consider their task to be a manipulative one: confidence-building and grief management. Politics, the politics of a democracy—which entails disagreement, which promotes candor—has been replaced by psychotherapy. Let’s by all means grieve together. But let’s not be stupid together. A few shreds of historical awareness might help us understand what has just happened, and what may continue to happen. “Our country is strong,” we are told again and again. I for one don’t find this entirely consoling. Who doubts that America is strong? But that’s not all America has to be.

— © Susan Sontag, published on The New Yorker, september 24, 2001.

Message for US Citizens or lawfully-admitted permanent US residents ONLY: I am supporting Senator Rand to filibuster PATRIOT ACT and fight against NSA’s spying

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Whereas: Today, our Fourth Amendment, which protects Americans from government search and seizure unless there is probable cause of a crime, is under assault like never before; and

Whereas: This country fought a revolution over issues like generalized warrants, where soldiers would go from house to house, searching anything they liked; and

Whereas: This is a defining moment for our country; and

Whereas: Our elected officials are not above the law and Congress MUST reassert our Fourth Amendment protections against unreasonable search and seizure;

Therefore: I thank Senator Paul for his filibuster and will stand with him to stop the NSA’s illegal domestic spying.

God bless him and God bless the United States of America!

Pablo Guérez Tricarico, PhD, from Spain

Doctor of Law





If you are engaged in fighting NSA’s unconstitutional surveillance please go to the page posted below and support it, even economically

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Good Morning USA!

Patriot Act must be renewed, or it will expire on 1st Juny. Even can be approved a “light” surrogate: the American Freedom Act. But, due to US Congress’ schedule, if US Congress does not make anything TODAY, PATRIOT ACT will expire and WE WIN.

More info via https://www.endsurveillance.com/

I let you a link to a pdf document. It is a letter who has sended to me by fightforthefure.org, a NPO organisation that is leading at the moment the protests against the renew of PATRIOT act. Even if you are not an US citizen under the definitions on PATRIOT ACT, you can support this movement by diffusing contents or also donate money from 1 USD to 10,ooo USD

Here yo have the document in pdf Gmail – 48 hours left to… Act. Now, it’s on you

You can discharge it freely. You will find very valuable links and info related to the different ways you can participate in this fight against the permanent NSA unlawful interference in the sphere of privacy of citizens protected by Amendments I and IV of the Constitution of the United States of America and many other Federal laws, joining the fight for civil rights in internet.

Por último, aquí tenéis una copia de la carta que estoy enviando, a título personal, a los senadores favorables a la retirada de la ley, para que estén al tanto. Los que seais tuiteros, encontraréis la información del TW de los senadores en la página


Podéis mandar esta carta, una carta standard o una vuestra personalizada. Os dejo la mía en formato pdf, para facilitar su descarga: Gmail – Message of a cit.., así como un modelo standard, dirigido sólo a Senadores de los Estados Unidos via standard letter

So Good luck! God bless you and God bless you the United States of America!

Support Liberty and Fredoom in Internet! Join FFTF and defend civil rigths in the net! 

NSA: Please stop spying us

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NSA_lawsuit   nSA-unchained  Stop spying

Short note only for US citizens only, under the definition of US citizen of the Patriot Act:

The vote on renewing the Patriot Act is this Friday, 5/22/2015, right before the clock runs out to do so. On Thursday at 7pm (local Washington D.C. time) as the sun sets, people are gathering all across the country to demand the Patriot Act expire. These 50 emergency vigils are the most important thing we can do right now to pull off any senator thinking that maybe it’s ok to renew the Patriot Act. Find one near you by clicking on the map, or contact us to add your event! End the Patriot Act this week, spread the word!

You have enough time, brother!

You can have mor info and suppot this cause via


Esta semana está a punto de expirar la polémica Patriot act aprobada poco después de los atentados del 11-S, y que vimo a autorizar ingerencias desproporcionadas del Gobierno Federal en los derechos civiles de los ciudadanos, entre otros, el espionaje de las comunicaciones informáticas a través de la casi todopoderosa NSA, en principio no autorizada para operar fuera de los Estados Unidos, la gris y peligrosa “Agencia Nacional de Inteligencia”. En el Congreso de los Estados Unidos se está debatiendo la renovación de la Patriot Act y la aprobación de una nueva ley de seguridad, con el políticamente correcto título de “USA Freedom Act”, que mantendría en vigor algunas secciones de la Patriot Act, si bien vendría a incorporar algunos congtroles democráticos y judiciales sobre la vigilancia informática. Sin embargo, la nueva ley, apoyada por un buen número de congresistas y senadores tanto demócratas como republicanos, resulta confusa en su redacción y no ofrece garantías suficientes de privacidad a los ciudadanos en el uso de la red para fines particulares. Tenési más información en la página de la Fight for the Future Foundation. Os dejo el enlace.



¿Deben el Gobierno Federal de los Estados Unidos o sus agencias “inteligencia” y de seguridad, como la NSA, poder vigililar toda nuestra red de comunicaciones, especialmente los ciudadanos de países aliados, a veces con la complicidad de los servicios de “inteligencia” locales como nuestro CNI? En caso de que la NSA, ¿debe ésta seguir manteniendo “puertas traseras” en todos los ordenadores, dispositivos informáticos, electrónicos o telemáticos, con la complicidad de las principales compañías de telecomunicaciones?

Este es el estado de la seguridad y la fase del estado policial en el que nos encontramos, con el pretexto de combatir el terrorismo y otros males que a menudo resultan ser de falsa bandera. Gran parte de la comunidad de internautas, entre los que me incluyo, dicen no a las intromisiones de la NSA en nuestros datos y comunicaciones, mucho más peligrosa que las realizadas por particulares.  Y es que la historia nos enseña que las mayores atrocidades contra los derechos civiles han sido cometidos por Estados o aparato de poder organizado. Si a mucha gente no le incomoda demasiado esta vigilancia orquestada por una sociedad cada vez más enferma y obsesionada con la consigna de la “seguridad” es simplemente porque “no somos importantes”. Pero a muchos de nosotros no nos gusta vivir en una “sociedad controlada”, tal como expresa en su lúcido ensayo de 1940 Horkheimer y Adorno “Dialéctica de la Ilustración”: una sociedad basada en los peores valores de la desigualdad, los cuales proceden a su vez, entre otros factores, de la influencia nefasta de la ética protestante y su rececpón en Norteamérica, de acuerdo con la tan criticada como verosímil tesis de Max Weber, como valores que conforman la sociedad y la idiosincrasia de los Estados Unidos, a pesar de los correctivos legales fruto de la mejor tradición ilustrada de la que surgió la Constitución de los Estados Unidos de América.

Y es que la Patriot Act, aprobada poco después de los atentados del 11-S, es contraria, según muchos juristas y jueces norteamericanos, a la letra y al espíritu de las enmiendas I y IV a la Constitución norteamericana, que consagran, respectivamente, la libertad de expresión y la protección de los ciudadanos frente a las intromisiones desproporcionadas de los poderes públicos en su esfera de privacidad.

A pesar de ello, la sociedad estadounidense actual está conformada por una combinación de lo peor de los valores procedentes de la llamada tradición “liberal o “capitalista”, como el culto al dinero y la reducción de la dimensión humana y espiritual del hombre a la iniciativa privada en el ámbito económico, reducción que es llevada a cabo de manera muy similar a la realizada históricamente por el marxismo , y lo peor de los valores procedentes de la tradición de pensamiento comunitarista o, como la denominara el filósofo Karl Popper, la tradición “enemiga de las sociedades abiertas” -donde encontramos la tradición comunitarista clásica y buena parte de la tradición socialista, como el marxismo ortodoxo y su evolución histórica en el bloque soviético y en Occidente-, como la necesidad de administrativización de la sociedad, que opera una reducción del hombre y sus posibilidades a meros hechos y cifras sin indicadores de riesgos contra los que “la comunidad” debe protegerse. Así, de acuerdo con la lógica perversa del sistema, cualquier “expresión de sentido” del individuo, por utilizar la terminología del famoso sociólogo alemán Niklas Luhmann para contrarrestar estos “valores” es contestadas contrafácticamente y brutalmente por los instrumentos del Poder.

Quiero concluir con un mensaje quizá algo naif para la NSA, el Gobierno Federal y para quienes verdaderamente nos gobiernan en la sombra: espiarnos a todos, señores, especialmente a los aliados de su país, no va a ayudaros a combatir el terrorismo internacional, ni a ninguno de los épicos objetivos que proclaman constantemente cualquiera de sus políticos. No se pueden matar moscas a cañonazos, y vosotros no tenéis tampoco capacidad para procesar adecuadamente la ingente cantidad de información que os llega. Si tenéis otros objetivos, no declarados, entonces, eso es otra historia.

Por Pablo Guérez Tricarico, PhD

Doctor en Derecho


Should the Federal Government of the United States or its agencies “intelligence” and security, like the NSA, be able to monitor all our communications network, especially those of the citizens of allied countries, sometimes with the complicity of the “intelligence” local as our CNI? Should NSA continue to maintain “back doors” on all computers, computer, electronic or telematic devices, with the complicity of the leading telecommunications companies?

This is the so-called State of Security and the actual phase of the “police state” in which we find ourselves, that have risen with the pretext of combating terrorism and other evils that are often being false flag. Much of the Internet community, including myself, say definitely NO to the interference of the NSA in our data and communications, far more dangerous than those made by individuals. History teaches us that the greatest atrocities against the civil rights have been committed by the States or by organized power apparatus. If many people do not bother too much this surveillance orchestrated by an increasingly sick and obsessed with the slogan of “security” society is simply because “we are not important”. But many of us do not like living in an “administrated society”, as expressed in their lucid 1940’s essay Horkheimer and Adorno “Dialectic of Enlightenment”: a society based on the worst values ​​of inequality, which in turn come from, among others factors, from the harmful influence of the Protestant ethic and its reception in North America, according to the much-criticized as credible Max Weber, as values ​​that make up society and the idiosyncrasies of the United States, despite the legal remedies that offered the the best tradition of the Enlightenment, that were tuned into the law since the Constitution of the United States of America emerged.

And the Patriot Act, passed shortly after the 9/11 attacks, is contrary, according to many American jurists and judges, the letter and the spirit of the first and fourth amendments to the US Constitution, which enshrined, respectively, freedom of speach and the protection of citizens against the disproportionate interference of public authorities in their sphere of privacy.

However, the current American society is made up of a combination of the worst of the values proceeding ​​from the “liberal or” capitalist “tradition, as the worship of money and reducing the human and spiritual dimension of man to the private initiative in the economic sphere -reduction is carried out similar to the one held historically by Marxism way-, and worst of the values proceeding from the tradition of communitarian thinking or, as renamed it the philosopher Karl Popper, tradition “enemies of open societies”, where we find the classical communitarian tradition and much of the socialist tradition, as orthodox Marxism and its historical evolution in the Soviet bloc and the West, as the need for administrationalisation of society that operates a reduction of man and his possibilities to mere facts and figures with risk indicators against which “community” should be protected. Thus, according to the perverse logic of the system, any “expression of meaning” of the individual, to use the terminology of the famous German sociologist Niklas Luhmann to contest these “values” is answered counterfactually and brutally by the instruments of Power.

I will conclude with a message perhaps somewhat naive to the NSA, the Federal Government and those we truly govern in the shadow: spy on us all, gentlemen, especially the allies of your country, it will not help you to combat international terrorism, or any epic aims to constantly proclaim any of your politicians. The enormous “big data” you achive to accumulate can be not properly understand, and you also not have capacity to properly process the vast amount of information that comes to you. If you have other goals, not declared, then that’s another story.

By Pablo Guérez Tricarico, PhD

Doctor of Law


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