More about “blaming inmigrants” by the UK leader

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Human Rights Declarations, adopted in Paris on 10th December 1948 by the United Nations General Assembly Resolution (217 A, III), voted also by the United Kingdom, art. 13, Section 2: “Everyone has the right to live any country, including his own, and to return to his country”.

Although a right to migration is not yet recognized by International Public Law, the evolution of the “opinio iuris” of the international community made the right circulation of art. 13.2 of the UNRD was the germ of a sensitization which has lead to a more favorable international humanitarian law in favor of the recognition of this human right. But there are no times for rights of the 3rd generation, and we must defend even the more fundamental rights.

While Obama announces his plan to regularize migrants, Cameron puts veto EU immigrants. No surprise about all these proposals, specially coming from a conservative country with an outdated mentality in immigration. Because of mentalities as Mr Cameron, the best talents of Old England and Old Europe built what is now the United States. As Ilmo. Mr. Guérez Roig, Spanish Delegate and Expert in the area of the European Union and the International Maritime Organization has proposed as a personal opinion more tan once, in a fantastic display of British cynicism, the UK should think, by a moral issue, leaving the European Union and ask for annexation as the 51th State of the United States. The British may not be in the EU only what suits them, and hinder everything that involves Europeanism and harmonization. And maybe the response of US citizens to such proposal by a State that maintains, in times of coercitive austerity, a pompous and very old monarchy, could surprise us all.

Signed by.: Pablo Guérez Tricarico, PhD

Ex Professor of Criminal Law of the Autonomous University of Madrid

Tenured as permanent Professor



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