Refugees crisis: What is really creepy beyond Valletta Summit

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I’m in the world of NGOs related to the immigration issue, although I receive no incomes whatsoever. I count myself among those people doubly pissed off by how it is carrying out a process that, despite the pompous objectives of the summit of La Valletta and the good intentions of development cooperation and investment, ends up being a deal refugee quota as if were a contest to see who sits at the table of the yet opulent Europe -in comparative terms, of course- the largest number of refugees.

Dark officials in Brussels, without any democratic legitimacy, say there are working to correct this, but some bureaucratic sources acknowledge that while Europe would still have a conservative majority, it will be difficult to get to other approaches.

We already know. I will not spread here about the European process and drift that has taken at least since the adoption of the TEU, completely neoliberal and marking since its inception a deficit of alarming democratic legitimacy, to the glory of free movement is built goods and capital under the pretext of a “European citizenship” for citizens. Many are practically on the street because of that policy, which, incidentally, was not only European but world, including the United States. But even in this, we have been more “papists” Chicago Boys that no European Treasury or anything. Everything is a pure sham and a scam. It is not surprising that the refugee crisis, without a socialist really humane alternative, will not be able to spend the meager amount of money needed to make viable investment projects in the origin and manage well the European budget items aimed to development cooperation, it will end in a tragedy of biblical proportions. All because European social democracy has failed to return to its origins and to fight the discourse of cultural hegemony in the field of unique thought of the IMF, the World Bank, the ECB and other criminal organizations defenders of ultra-liberalism and whose name should be pronounced: savage and inhuman capitalism.

From Pablo Guérez Tricarico, PhD
Doctor of Public Law and Juridical Philosophy
Former Professor of Criminal Law of the Autonomous University of Madrid
Former Member of the Board of the Committee on assistance to Refugees, Asylum seekers and Immigrants in the Spanish State (COMRADE, see

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¿Crisis? ¿What crisis by ECB? ¿To whom we must blame of its crisis?

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The news of the weak state of the Royal Bank put on notice again the triumph of neoliberal policies. This review is dedicated to the Spanish high and medium business class, which is still playing to recruit thirty young economists who think only of making money (George Soros dixit) and see who knows more English without really knowing it, instead of betting for talent and innovation in businesses internationally recognized as leading in our country. You are so dull, ultra-liberal Spaniards, who must urgently adorn your speech or must say farewell social cohesion: what are not you interested? Well, maybe you uneasy a breakdown in social cohesion of low intensity. So Fulfil once and for all “economic orthodoxy” and give ear to other voices, not necessarily from the Marxist field but qualified economists from American post-Keynesians, Chinese and Indians fighting for a democratic political control of central banks as well as a better distribution of wealth.

Names? Ultraliberalists know them well, but their disgust that they prove to them is not based on economical reasons, sondern ideological. Here are just a few names of so-called by economic orthodoxy “heterodox economists”: Gregory Zuckermann, Phd; Paul M. Sweezy, Phd; Harry Braveman, PhD; Paul Anthony Samuelson, PhD, Nobel Prize 1970; James Tobin, Phd, Nobel Prize, 1981; John Forbes Nash, Nobel Prize, 1994; Amartya Sen, PhD, Nobel Prize, 1998; Phd; John Bellamy Foster, PhD; Fred Magdoff, PhD; John Krugman, PhD, Nobel Price, 2008; Joseph E. Stiglitz, PhD.

Signed by: Pablo Guérez Tricarico, PhD

Doctor in Criminal Law and specialized in medical and “white-collar” offences

Ex Professor of the Autonomous University of Madrid and unemployee

Tenured as Permanent Professor by Land Madrid

Member of Attorneys Council of Madrid n. 97.901.

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